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Be a Guest on the Ontario Wellness Podcast

We are thrilled that you have chosen to be featured on our Ontario Wellness Network Podcast.  Please take a moment to complete this worksheet so that we can properly promote your episode.

Ontario Wellness Network Podcast Synopsis

Join us as we interview wellness experts.  Learn how you can implement and improve one dimension of wellness at a time.  Our experts will share their practical tips on wellness in one of these core areas:  emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, environmental, financial, spiritual, social, or habitual.

We created this podcast as a resource for anyone who is looking to integrate the Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness into their daily lives.

Join our host, Shaelene McInnis, as she asks the hard questions we all need answers to in order to grow and scale our businesses, while enjoying more overall wellness.  Learn through the glorious triumphs and epic failures of successful entrepreneurs and experts.

Typical Show Questions

Every episode will feature a different expert who helps individuals thrive and succeed on their personal wellness journeys. Our typical show questions include:

💣Tell us who you are, who you work with, and what you do for your clients.

💣What are you passionate about in life?

💣What is the best business advice you have ever received and how did it impact you?

💣What are the three biggest mistakes you see your clients making on their personal wellness journeys right now?

💣What are three actionable tips individuals can implement to improve their personal wellness journeys today?

💣Can you give us an example of what a great client outcome looks like for you and your clients?

💣How can people connect with you?

These questions are just a starting point. If there are specific questions you would like to add, feel free to email me or we can discuss at the time of your interview.

At the time of the interview please make sure you have a high quality microphone and camera set up and are on a stable internet connection. We are looking forward to having you as our next guest.

What to Expect

My audience and I are excited to learn about you, your business, and how you help individuals and businesses thrive in interesting times.

Please fill out the information below in order to help our team structure the show notes page after the interview, . Thanks again!

We want to share a few details with you before you begin, so you can be sure that this will be a good fit for you.

1) This show is conversational. We start out by asking what your company does and why you do it, then we pivot to discussing your experience in the world of business. It is completely a conversation.

2) We are going to do this on Zoom and it is a video interview that we share on YouTube and potentially other networks.  Please be ready with your camera on!  

3) We reserve the right to not publish a show if for any reason we feel like you are not offering something that fits the theme of the series or doesn't feel like a fit for the audience. It's pretty simple, but we have had to share this with a few guests before that we found out afterward were not a good fit, so now we mention it up front.  Be honest in the guest intake process. Thanks!

4) You do get to share about what you do (and feel free to put together a special offer for our community). Just don't make this a pitch fest, that's not what it's for.

5) If you have any questions whatsoever about this, just reach out and ask.

6) We understand that life happens, if you need to reschedule, please try to do so 24 hours ahead of time, but worst case, reach out an hour beforehand if it's a last minute true emergency. Please call or text if on the day of the interview there is a need to reschedule. You'll receive our contact information after we confirm your interview spot.

7) We started this show for two reasons.  First - to meet forward-thinking entrepreneurs in Atlanta.  Second - so we could share awesome value with our community and amazing people like you.

8) We try to make these interviews about 20 minutes, but if we're cruising and having fun we're usually good to go longer, so try and give some flexibility for our end time. We'll block out 45 minutes on your calendar just in case.

9) Your episode will be produced and launched a few weeks after recording (sometimes we get really backlogged).  Once it's released, you're going to get an email with the link to your episode on YouTube. Please share this and spread the love!  Consider this a chance to connect with your community and add value to them.

10) We will be doing other work to promote the episode - and you - even after the initial launch. We'll notify you as each of the new pieces goes live. So, if you don't mind, we'll be communicating with you via email after the episode. Because we do this a lot, there will be some automation. If you unsubscribe from those emails, you'll miss out on some of the promotion work we're doing. But if you find we're annoying you, feel free. We do respect your time, so please let us know if we are annoying!

11) After you fill out the form below, you'll be taken to a calendar scheduler. Please book the appointment now, as it's hard to "connect the dots" with your intake form after the fact.  

12) That's it - looking forward to hanging out!

Podcast Guest Options

We offer four options for you to be a guest on the Ontario Wellness Network Podcast.

Option 1: Free - this is a chance for you to get to know us before we formally work together. We produce a basic episode that is featured on the Ontario Wellness Network LinkedIn Profile and YouTube Playlist. We include simple show notes with up to two lines to include links or contact details.

Option 2: Standard - Includes all free features plus...full access to our private LinkedIn Community, detailed show notes (1 page), and one direct introduction to someone in our network.

Option 3: Advanced - Includes all standard features plus...promotion on at least 11 podcast platforms, one 1,000 word article in magazine, and two direct introductions to someone in our network.

Option 4: Platinum - Includes all advanced features plus...full custom branding of show notes, full page advertisement in magazine, and one chapter in collaborative book on wellness.

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We offer a sponsorship model for any business that we deem to be suitable for our audience. 

You must be directly applicable to one of our Nine Elements of Holistic Wellness.

Sponsors will receive a 30 second commercial slot at either the beginning, middle, or end of our show.