Clarity Worksheet

Are we a fit to work together? It is hard to say without a bit of information up front. Take 10 to 15 minutes to complete our Clarity Worksheet if you are not 100% positive that Cash Flow Club is a fit for you.

 Once we review your information, we will send you an email with detailed instructions for the next step. Fit is binary, either you are a fit and we can help you or you are not a fit and we cannot help you. We promise that we will tell you up front if you are not a fit for our Cash Flow Club membership community.

However, assuming you are a fit for our Cash Flow Club, we will send you an email with further details. We ask our potential members to fill out a Strategy Session Worksheet before we book a Strategy Session. Once you complete the Strategy Session Worksheet, we will send you a link to book a Strategy Session on Zoom with a member of our team.

On the Clarity Worksheet, our job is simple. We will ask you a bunch of questions to work out IF or HOW we can help you. If we feel that we cannot help you, we will let you know politely, and do our best to point you in the right direction. If we feel like we can help you, we will book in time for a Strategy Session to talk about how Cash Flow Club can fit into your business.

Your job on the Clarity Worksheet is to answer our questions honestly and determine for yourself if you want to work with us.

Is that OK?

To decide if we are a fit to work together or not, we need to know six things about you. 


Why now? What is going on in your world to make this a “now” conversation?


Why us? Why do you think we are the people to help you?


What is the gap between your reality and the results you want in your business?


What specifically is broken, missing, or not working in your business?


What do you want us to help you with?


How urgent is this? Is this a later thing or a sooner thing? Why?

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